The Future is Digital.

Our Mission

A better financial world for all.

Financial Network (FN) was founded in 2015 by fintech entrepreneur, Suhail Ahmad to support the development and investment in digital finance and technology to reduce costs and improve access to financial services. Helping people everywhere live better, earn more and have equal opportunity for success. 
FN is committed to supporting the U.N. sustainable development goals of eliminating poverty and providing access to quality education.

Who we are

Trusted financial partners and investors in digital finance and technology.


Deal Makers

Value Creators

How we help entrepreneurs succeed

Providing valuable strategic advice and corporate finance solutions.

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Strategic Advisory

We provide strategic advisory and management solutions to help companies unlock their growth potential and create value.

Market Intelligence

We provide financial and business intelligence to help entrepreneurs to better understand their markets and develop competitive advantage.

Corporate Finance

We provide capital market insights and analysis to help companies evaluate investments, mergers and acquisitions.

We work with

Entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation and impact.







Our Portfolio

We invest in companies and projects with potential for high-growth and impact.

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